Using ‘R’ Software & Voyant Tools for Digital Analytics

Lecturer: Makanjuola Ogunleye, Digital Humanities Research Unit, University of Lagos

Over the years, technology has tremendously transformed and facilitated research processes, from Sciences to Engineering and to the Management studies etc. With the emergence and continuous evolution of technology in the 21st century, the Humanities has equally benefitted hugely from some of these new technologies. In this presentation, we would be examining the use and application of digital tools to research in the Humanities. We would demonstrate how R Programming Language can be used vastly in the construction of corpora and automatic extraction of text from the internet. We would also demonstrate how this software (R Programming language) can be used to perform some text mining task such as word clouds creation, K-means clustering, and sentiment analysis.

Finally, some visualization techniques in Digital Humanities would be examined through the use of Voyant Tools.