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Welcome to CEDHUL

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the virtual home of the Centre for Digital Humanities, University of Lagos [CEDHUL], the first full-fledged, stand-alone Digital Humanities Centre in Africa.

Incontrovertible, ubiquitous evidence shows that the 21st Century global community has been witnessing an unprecedented revolution in the development of digital and communication technologies as key drivers of transformation and growth in key social institutions. Scholars believe that this digital revolution has not only serious research implications for the Arts/Social Sciences and Pure Sciences but also practical benefits for the larger society.   

Consequently, the emergence of Digital Humanities (DH) as a response to this revolution has sparked off informed, critical debates on, as well as exploration of, the application of computational methods and digital technology for research and studies in the humanities. As a research and academic unit, CEDHUL aligns with current global debates and efforts to provide multidisciplinary and transnational platforms for collaborative and innovative ideas among the intersecting disciplines. 

Professor Tunde Ope-Davies (Opeibi)

Chair & Principal Investigator, CEDHUL, Fellow, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation & Visiting Professor, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

To be a frontline and vibrant international Digital Humanities Centre committed to innovative and multidisciplinary studies, and collaborative research projects that will galvanise national development and global impact

To adopt international best practices in the application of digital technologies for  research and learning in the humanities, and provide a viable platform that will raise and equip a new generation of scholars and researchers with the relevant skills and capacity to promote social reengineering, national development,  and transform the world.

About Us

Our Profile

The CENTRE FOR DIGITAL HUMANITIES, UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS (CEDHUL) was established in response to the yawning gap in the field of digital humanities research and learning in Africa and the growing need to retool scholars and researchers in the human sciences...  


Our Objectives

  • to promote computer-based approaches to research in all disciplines in the humanities;
  • to encourage and support research activities that will stimulate and drive computer-based studies in the humanities;
  • to generate research ideas that will promote cutting-edge studies and produce transnational outcomes for the benefit of society;..


Our Activities

We organise summer schools, workshops, seminars and conferences that will provide the platform to raise and equip a new generation of scholars and researchers in the humanities and social sciences. Our activities will equally generate ideas, demonstrate the usefulness of computer methodologies to humanistic studies and disseminate research outcomes to benefit the larger society.


Our Experts


    Chair & Principal Investigator

    Visiting Professor, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

    Senior Research Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation


    Professor in the Institute for Digital Humanities, Historical and Cultural Information, University of Cologne, Germany


    Professor in the Department of English at the University of Lethbridge and the University Library


    DAAD Scholar & Researcher, Münster University, Germany


    Professor in Language & Culture, Corpus-linguistics and E-learning at Chemnitz University,